The Story of the beautiful miracle
The Water is Wide: A Tribute to Stephen Bennett

♪ Gregg Miner             The Tunesmith    ♪
♪  Andy Wahlberg           Bennett Diction      ♪
♪   Don Alder             Man from Lady Lane ♪
♪ Mike Doolin            November Next   ♪
 ♪ Pete Bradshaw          Waltz for a Maple Tree  ♪
♪       Frank Doucette         G Wiz                  ♪
♪  Carter Lancaster          Reprise for Stephen     ♪
♪     Jim Bennett          Elephant’s Dance      ♪
♪ Larry Berwald with Gregg Miner         I Knew It Was You              ♪
♪  Hirokatsu Takai             Yokohama SB        ♪
♪ Joe Morgan              Right at the light  ♪
♪ Scott Burwell              Avocado Breakfast  ♪
♪ Tommy Emmanuel              Aura Lee           ♪
♪   Kim Person              You’ve Got a Friend  ♪
♪  Friends of Stephen Bennett       The Water is Wide             ♪

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The gifted people who belonged to the Harp Guitar Gathering created these valuable CDs.

  Beyond Six Strings     Harp guitar Dreams   Further Beyond Six Strings

Harp Guitar CDs ハープギター関係のCDはこちらから購入できます→

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The Harp Guitar Gathering


So beautiful!! 
    So wonderful!!

  The Harp Guitar Gathering is now supported by  The Harp Guitar Foundation. 

From the left to the right.
The Harp Guitar Foundation's gifted secretary Jaci-san,
My smile in the parting morning, (Do you know the taste of tears of the previous night?),
the foundation president and the beautiful producer Gregg-san.

"We will not say 'good by,' but 'until next time'." (in the HGG7)
"We are not a Gathering, We are a family",(in the HGG8)
"I thought it would never be over!”(in the HGG10 December 14th, 2012 )

by Mr.Gregg Miner

Thank you for the HGG10!  新たな伝説が又一つ歴史にその名を残しました!
November 2, 3 & 4, 2012 The Uptown Theater 120 E. Main Street Grand Prairie, Texas 75050

 How wondeful ! Thank you for HGG7    HGG7 was seriously scary fun!
Halloween Weekend    October 30 - November 1, 2009 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday
At "The Harp Guitar Gathering 7" 2009 Nov 1  Thanks for Photograph by Mr.Dan Pease (Thank you very much!)

Un believable ! 招待されました、感謝! 行ってきました、メモリアルページへどうぞ↓。
Harp Guitar Gatering 7 Memorial Page


These below are the information of the music of my wonderful friends!

Happy Christmas!

GREGG MINER   A Christmas Collection

STEPHEN BENNETT Christmas Acoustic Guitar Solos